Top 6 Ways of Maintaining Business Printers

Printers play a major role in businesses, especially in this digital age. Technological advancements have added more features to business printers, making them more valuable resources in a company. Consequently, office printers need to be up and running. Here are tips for maintaining business printers.

1. Location

You cannot place your printer on the first open space you find in your computer area. You need to place your printer in an ample space with enough ventilation. Besides, space must also have constant humidity and temperature. Just like office photocopiers, printers should not be placed in a location that is a dust magnet because it will shorten its life. Dust affects rollers and printer heads.

2. Clean printer heads

You will notice streaks of white lines or missing images or inks on the documents churned out by a printer. It happens despite the toner cartridge or ink being full. If that happened, it is a sign that the heads of your printer are clogged, and they require some clean-up. However, make sure you check the manufacturer’s site, instruction manual or search online for ways of cleaning the printer heads. Some printer models have self-cleaning features while others while others need manual cleaning.

3. Usage

How you use your office printer contributes to how long it will last. Therefore, you need to make sure that you use the recommended paper type on your colour laser printer. Additionally, you need to avoid fanning the paper in a bid to get rid of paper jams. Unfortunately, the practice causes harm to your printer because fanning rubs paper sheets against each other, which results to static electricity that harms it. It is important to clean your printer when changing cartridges.

4. Remove dust particles

Debris and dust particles usually clog your business printer, which affects its performance. You can get rid of debris and dust particles by using a small hand vacuum. Alternatively, you can use distilled water and cotton swabs for the toner or ink cartridges. You also need to read the user manual before cleaning because some printer parts must not be exposed to liquid.

5. Invest in a maintenance kit

You can buy a maintenance kit to enhance the life of a printer. The kits have replaceable parts such as rollers and cleaning supplies. You can use the replaceable parts when original parts wear out or become dirty.

6. Resolve mechanical errors

An incorrectly resolved paper jam could end up being the cause of a faulty printer. When a paper jam occurs, get a technician to check on the machine instead of just yanking the paper out. You can avoid paper jam by not using dog-eared, torn or stuck together papers. You should make sure that the tray is not overfilled.

Proper care and maintenance of a printer for small business ensures reliability and increases its lifespan. You can also enhance the functionality of the office photocopiers by applying the tips explained in this article. Spend a little more money and improve your printer’s life. For more information, please check out the XMA Business Solutions website.

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