How To Find a Cheap Car Rental

It does not matter where you are traveling to, how hold you may be, or how odd your rental requirements could ultimately be considered, you can save some money on a car rental by seeking vehicles in the correct places and really knowing your stuff. There are a few little-known tricks travelers have been utilizing in order to get the very best deals on vehicle rentals.

Do You Need A Rental Car?

For a lot of travelers, a vehicle may seem like a necessity based on their normal routine while visiting a country. However, if you are moving through a large city anywhere in the world, public transportation is generally considered a better, more affordable, option than renting and paying for parking somewhere. When driving through a major city, you must expect the high stress, gridlock, and parking problems that stem from having your own vehicle. A city bus will simply pull up along the sidewalk.

Discounts and Fees

In order to rent a car without any extra hassle, most people recommend being over 25 or having someone older rent the vehicle in their name. Many companies who lend vehicles will include a pretty hefty fee if you are under 24. These fees can sometimes increase up to $25 per day. Those under 21, however, are even worse off with a young surcharge.

There are a couple of options to find discounts and avoid and major daily charges, of course. Keep an eye out for affiliation discounts. For example, the USAA allows members 21 and up to avoid any surcharge. Military personnel are also exempt from paying the daily fee.

Go Compact

When renting a vehicle, try to select a compact car. They are usually less expensive and far more likely to be in stock at the rental company. You can hope for a complimentary upgrade from the business, but the compact is generally what is available quickly and for far less than a bigger vehicle. The downside, of course, is having a smaller vehicle.

Weeklong Rates

If you intend to travel for quite some time, a good option is to always check the weeklong rates at your local rental company. Play around with your rental dates, as sometimes you can find options for a bit cheaper than what first popped up. On weekends, for example, the rates tend to be a bit higher. By renting at a weeklong rate, you avoid these extra charges.

Renting a car can sometimes be a hassle, but if you know where to look and how to receive deals, it can be a breeze. Remember, avoid the major corporations and opt for smaller companies. They can be just as reliable but for far less cost upfront. Check for local deals and savings, too! Visit Discount Car and learn more information from the available resources.

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