5 Great Places To Visit During August

Folks that have traveled the world know that there are correct times of the year to visit certain parts of the globe. By timing your visit correctly, you will be able to soak up all that the locale has to offer and maximize your overall experience. Here are five global destinations that can be enjoyed for a reasonable price during the month of August.


The Caribbean is a hotbed for recreation and vacation during the spring and fall, but during the peak of the summertime, great deals can typically be found quite easily. Many of the island’s most popular tourist destinations are relatively un-crowded in the month of August, and the presence of ocean mists and breezes can cool coastal visitors off even on the hottest and muggiest days. Inexpensive food, shopping and entertainment are available in every major city on the small island.

Sydney, Australia

Most travelers visit Australia in the months of November-February, when the large island provides a warm climate for folks looking to flee icy conditions far north of the equator. Sydney has emerged as a cultural epicenter of the Southern Hemisphere in recent years, and its colors are on full display in the month of August. Those that venture inland will also be treated to an abundance of wildlife, as the many native species of the continent are out in full force during the summer months.

Yellowstone National Park

Inexpensive and visually stunning, Yellowstone National Park is the perfect family summer vacation destination. Hiking trails and campsites cover the incredible landscape, and a bevy of large mammals call the park their home. For those that love a good photo opportunity, Yellowstone is an absolute dream. If you plan on visiting the park in the month of August, be sure to inquire about your spot at least a few months in advance. It is difficult if not impossible to find a vacation destination anywhere else on Earth with more geological and biological diversity in such a small space.

Ontario, Canada

Ontario is a beautiful region that is home to a spot of land that is exactly in the middle of the equator and the North Pole. This means that the winters can be harsh and long in the region, but the summers are a slice of the best that nature has to offer. Thousands of small lakes dot the landscape, providing recreational activity and inner tranquility. Many Native American festivals that honor prior centuries take place during the months of July and August.

The Antarctic Coast

Antarctica is a blistering cold and unforgiving environment, but it’s at its most accessible during the months of July and August. Cruise ships regularly skim the coastlines during the summer months, providing captivating glimpses of some of the world’s large glaciers. A lucky few will even be able to bear witness to a monumental ice break, which have steadily increased in regularity over the past few decades. Whales and other large aquatic mammals thrive in the frigid environment and are spotted regularly during the jaunt to and fro the bottom of the Earth.

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